RMU offers the widest range of laser marking solutions. Our heads mount springs with Fiber or Co2 technology depending on marking requirements. For more information, click here.

All our galvanometric heads are of a digital type with auto-tuning, to offer the best speed and quality performance.
Thanks to the laser management software (CAD 2D) and the control electronics, made directly by us, we are able to develop any kind of customization, including Ethernet and Profinet protocols.

Every laser can also work without the dedicated PC. Program change can happen via USB Keys or Lan. Our laser is seen as a network hard disk, which facilitates integration and communication with management programs (which can directly create text files for data modification). It is also possible to modify markup texts via a keypad with IP65 degree of protection. With all of our solutions, it is possible to perform on-board encoder-controlled markings or at constant speed with no feedback.