For several years RMU Marking has been working to create self-aligning systems for marking machines, capable of automating loading and unloading operations to minimize the marking cycle time.

Our company has established standardized and optimized solutions for this type of applications but provides a technical office in charge of finding specific and unique solutions. In both cases, designing and building is done internally, allowing us to be flexible and responsive. 

We are not only specialised in mechanical engineering. RMU Brain Touch, RMU Brain Evo, RMU Connect are some of our softwares, easy to use and to adapt. RMU Marking systems can be integrated with these communication protocols: ANYBUS IC – ETHERNET IP, ANYBUS IC – PROFINET.  Available: Modbus, CanOpen, HMS Modules, Devicenet.

In this section of the site you will find some pictures of machines made for our customers.