Wide range of solutions

We provide the widest range of solutions for direct and permanent marking. Our team of experts can offer the best solution for integration into automated production lines, fixed work stations and portable systems for marking large and small components.
We guide you completely in the choice of the most suitable marking machines.

Marking Samples

Free service to guide you in choosing

RMU Marking offers the possibility to organize a free demo at your location or at our showrooms to mark directly on your pieces and to understand what the best machine for your needs is. Organize a meeting with our DEMOLAB.

Installation and Training

Formation is necessary to succeed

Training and assistance are the foundation of our success. We organize periodic courses throughout our national and international sales network. We share with them technical experiences and we receive and process needs of the market in order to invest and develop in new products and new solutions. Upon delivery, we take care of the installation, start-up and staff training.


Custom made products

Starting from the customer’s needs we develop customized marking systems for automatic production lines. You can see here quisome of our case studies.


100% tested and approved components

Our marking machines are designed to be among the most modern and advanced.
The extreme reliability and ease of use mean that the lives of our marking systems is much longer than the industry standard, allowing you to minimize the routine and extraordinary maintenance costs.

Being designers and builders of our marking systems requires us to verify each individual mechanical and electronic component during assembly.
The 100% of the components and finished machines are tested and approved. The reliability and robustness of all our markers are the true guarantee of our design philosophy.