NUVOLA new ozone generator for sterilization

Active Oxygen and UV led machine

RMU presents NUVOLA, the OZONE and UV generator aimed at sanitizing environments and products.

Ozone production combined with the action of ultraviolet LEDs eliminates viruses, bacteria, spores, germs and molds.

It also prevents and protects against mites, mosquitoes, moths, fleas and lice.

It is a certified sterilization in compliance with the italian Protocol – 24482 July 1996 which improves the quality of the air and removes unwelcome odors and allergens.

A system that is quick and easy to use, but above all safe: the redundant sensors guarantee safety for people, animals and the environment.

It does not ruin products and surfaces. It is available in four basic versions (HOME, CAR, STUDIO, FASHION) but both structural and aesthetic customizations can be requested.


You can contact us at or call +39 0522511505.


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